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Current issue:

Current issue

The monthly magazine Welcome to Cracow & Małopolska...

...has been in continuous publication since February 1992 in English, Polish, and German. Printed on high quality chalk overlay paper, it maintains a consistently high standard of graphics.

Distributed free of charge via its own network built up over nineteen years, it is to be found in all the best hotels in Cracow and Zakopane as well as in a wide range of guesthouses located in both places, at Balice Airport in Cracow and at airports in London and Paris - at LOT offices, in art galleries, travel agencies, restaurants, car rental offices and many more. The magazine is also available in select Polish Tourist Information offices abroad, at tourism promoting events (Berlin, London, Moscow, Kiev, Warsaw, Madrid, Prague, Vienna, Brussels, Goeteborg, Helsinki, Koln, Poznań, Rome, Milan), at the Cracow Chamber of Commerce, at consular offices and at the venues of international conferences. Welcome to Cracow & Małopolska is always to be found wherever there are foreign visitors. It is also read by Poles who visit these places.

Its promotional strength is enhanced by cooperation with a number of similar magazines published in Warsaw, Poznań, Zakopane and the Bieszczady Mountains, all produced to the same high standard of journalism and graphics and distributed in similar, but adjusted to the local conditions networks there. Every month 50,000 free copies of these titles reach a wide range of foreign visitors to Poland. Those visitors are your potential customers and business partners, and last but not least people who thanks to Welcome to Cracow & Małopolska can take home knowledge about your company and its capacity and recommend it to their friends who will also come to Poland one day.